Some early morning sewing – sleepy sew, sleepy sew.

That’s right folks. I was up with tea (in my fancy new Liberty mug) and next to my machine before 06:30. I completely left it to the last minute and had no choice! Now that’s what I call dedication.

I made my baby blanket and Forest Fairy #2 as I said I would here. I say my baby blanket as I have made some before (check them out) for all of the new arrivals. Aren’t the little hedgehogs just scrummy!

IMG_4603As you can see, I made a little matching card; a little card for a little person! It really is great fabric for when you don’t know the gender so I would highly recommend. This is from my neck of the woods in a little stall in Chelmsford market (that’s in Essex, England for the out-of-towners). I really do love it there and it’s where I get most of my goodies! Maybe that’s why; as it’s small, I feel I can make a choice and process the smaller selection. Huh – food for thought. Does anyone else have a local sewing shop they visit regularly? I would love to hear about it 🙂 Maybe we could take pictures and compare!

Loading the picture now and having watched the Great British Sewing Bee minute to minute, hearing the pattern matching talk from Patrick and the other sewers, the hedgehog line at the bottom is quite frankly…on the wonk! Good job it’s for a baby, who wouldn’t notice, and the parents will be too sleep deprived to care! Still, it’s meant to be spat on, sucked on etc etc. Those of you who have babies I am sure will fill in the gaps!

As I did this for the first time quite a while ago, any tutorial I followed has been changed or I can’t remember :S I tend to look at a few tutorials and create my own version most of the time – not that I have the skill to do that, I just take the easiest bits from each one! I managed to get some pictures of each step so I will pop on a tutorial in the next blog so you can enjoy too 🙂

I will let you know how I got on today with Valentines Day surprise mug-painting in my next blog! Completed today and had so much fun but won’t reveal until we pick it up from being cooked in the kiln.

❤ Happy Valentines day all and sew you soon ❤


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