My first non-family customer!

Adapting the christmas versions that I have made previously, I am pleased to show my first 2015 make, now named ‘Forest Fairy’ (aka comfort zone), from start…




…to finish! I was asked to make a raffle prize by my mum who works for a charity by the charity, AA Dog Rescue for their second birthday event. The winner had ear-marked the Forest Fairy for herself after it wasn’t claimed. She approached the dance floor (where I was at the time), forest fairy in arms, with nothing but thanks and happiness! Made me go all gooey that someone other than my family and friends had wanted and had liked one of my makes!

AA Dog Rescue really are great and save so many dogs, my mum even kept one for herself!

Who wouldn’t looking like this.

We were even lucky enough to meet Vicki Michelle, one of the patrons of the rescue! Top celebrity moment that could not miss a photo:


Left: My step-sister Chelsey

Middle left: VICKI MICHELLE!

Middle right: My mummy Amanda

Right: That’s ME! Well, That’s Sew Chloe.

And last but not least, it was my birthday at the weekend. I celebrated by visiting the beautiful haberdashery in Liberty for the first time. It was quite spectacular even if I was completely overwhelmed!

IMG_4567                                IMG_4541

I have another Forest Fairy to make this week, lots of cards and I am going to create a baby blanket for a colleague at work. Sew you later!


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