Needle and Dread?

So, in my quest for blogging, I thought I would start reading some other blogs to get a feel of what other people chat about. 2 weeks later….

I just kept reading and reading and reading! They really are great and I have become a little addicted. I read a quote someone said on Tilly and the Buttons (my number one so far), Tilly asked what are peoples’ sewing mantras’ were. Someone said:

Get off of the sewing blogs and do your own sewing!

I am not sure who said it, but it hit me in the face a little bit; I have not sewn since Christmas! I have been so overwhelmed by all of these amazing sewing queens that I have forgotten about my own needle and thread and created needle and dread… A little bit like when you walk into an wonderful fabric shop, and it is all so pretty, so pretty… you end up not buying anything at all. So overwhelmed by everyone else and their progress, their progress is just unreal! I come in from work, make and eat dinner, play with my cat, watch some TV and then go to bed. How does anyone get the time to do all of these things?!

No more blog reading for me! Well, less at least; can’t beat a bit of inspiration. I tend to sew in short, intense blasts… I just have to wait until my next blast 🙂

In the meantime, this is what I made at Christmas. Well, I made one and showed someone… 17 angels later! Inspired by Issue 65 (November) of Sew Mag.

Angel 1                                               Angel

After getting over my fear of a fabric shop, I bought some fabric and voilà! My hand stitched little angels. Even if it was a bit morbid when I finished lots of heads one evening, then forgot about this in the morning and was faced with a desk full of heads! One of the weirder mornings.

I am still getting to grips with following blogs – any tips?


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