Some early morning sewing – sleepy sew, sleepy sew.

That’s right folks. I was up with tea (in my fancy new Liberty mug) and next to my machine before 06:30. I completely left it to the last minute and had no choice! Now that’s what I call dedication.

I made my baby blanket and Forest Fairy #2 as I said I would here. I say my baby blanket as I have made some before (check them out) for all of the new arrivals. Aren’t the little hedgehogs just scrummy!

IMG_4603As you can see, I made a little matching card; a little card for a little person! It really is great fabric for when you don’t know the gender so I would highly recommend. This is from my neck of the woods in a little stall in Chelmsford market (that’s in Essex, England for the out-of-towners). I really do love it there and it’s where I get most of my goodies! Maybe that’s why; as it’s small, I feel I can make a choice and process the smaller selection. Huh – food for thought. Does anyone else have a local sewing shop they visit regularly? I would love to hear about it 🙂 Maybe we could take pictures and compare!

Loading the picture now and having watched the Great British Sewing Bee minute to minute, hearing the pattern matching talk from Patrick and the other sewers, the hedgehog line at the bottom is quite frankly…on the wonk! Good job it’s for a baby, who wouldn’t notice, and the parents will be too sleep deprived to care! Still, it’s meant to be spat on, sucked on etc etc. Those of you who have babies I am sure will fill in the gaps!

As I did this for the first time quite a while ago, any tutorial I followed has been changed or I can’t remember :S I tend to look at a few tutorials and create my own version most of the time – not that I have the skill to do that, I just take the easiest bits from each one! I managed to get some pictures of each step so I will pop on a tutorial in the next blog so you can enjoy too 🙂

I will let you know how I got on today with Valentines Day surprise mug-painting in my next blog! Completed today and had so much fun but won’t reveal until we pick it up from being cooked in the kiln.

❤ Happy Valentines day all and sew you soon ❤


My first non-family customer!

Adapting the christmas versions that I have made previously, I am pleased to show my first 2015 make, now named ‘Forest Fairy’ (aka comfort zone), from start…




…to finish! I was asked to make a raffle prize by my mum who works for a charity by the charity, AA Dog Rescue for their second birthday event. The winner had ear-marked the Forest Fairy for herself after it wasn’t claimed. She approached the dance floor (where I was at the time), forest fairy in arms, with nothing but thanks and happiness! Made me go all gooey that someone other than my family and friends had wanted and had liked one of my makes!

AA Dog Rescue really are great and save so many dogs, my mum even kept one for herself!

Who wouldn’t looking like this.

We were even lucky enough to meet Vicki Michelle, one of the patrons of the rescue! Top celebrity moment that could not miss a photo:


Left: My step-sister Chelsey

Middle left: VICKI MICHELLE!

Middle right: My mummy Amanda

Right: That’s ME! Well, That’s Sew Chloe.

And last but not least, it was my birthday at the weekend. I celebrated by visiting the beautiful haberdashery in Liberty for the first time. It was quite spectacular even if I was completely overwhelmed!

IMG_4567                                IMG_4541

I have another Forest Fairy to make this week, lots of cards and I am going to create a baby blanket for a colleague at work. Sew you later!

Needle and Dread?

So, in my quest for blogging, I thought I would start reading some other blogs to get a feel of what other people chat about. 2 weeks later….

I just kept reading and reading and reading! They really are great and I have become a little addicted. I read a quote someone said on Tilly and the Buttons (my number one so far), Tilly asked what are peoples’ sewing mantras’ were. Someone said:

Get off of the sewing blogs and do your own sewing!

I am not sure who said it, but it hit me in the face a little bit; I have not sewn since Christmas! I have been so overwhelmed by all of these amazing sewing queens that I have forgotten about my own needle and thread and created needle and dread… A little bit like when you walk into an wonderful fabric shop, and it is all so pretty, so pretty… you end up not buying anything at all. So overwhelmed by everyone else and their progress, their progress is just unreal! I come in from work, make and eat dinner, play with my cat, watch some TV and then go to bed. How does anyone get the time to do all of these things?!

No more blog reading for me! Well, less at least; can’t beat a bit of inspiration. I tend to sew in short, intense blasts… I just have to wait until my next blast 🙂

In the meantime, this is what I made at Christmas. Well, I made one and showed someone… 17 angels later! Inspired by Issue 65 (November) of Sew Mag.

Angel 1                                               Angel

After getting over my fear of a fabric shop, I bought some fabric and voilà! My hand stitched little angels. Even if it was a bit morbid when I finished lots of heads one evening, then forgot about this in the morning and was faced with a desk full of heads! One of the weirder mornings.

I am still getting to grips with following blogs – any tips?

And here is my first blog post…5.1.15

A blog. My blog. Because I couldn’t follow my own Pinterest board anymore!!

Hi, my name is Chloe (aged 24 and 7/8ths). I have a Pinterest board called ‘My Creations’ that I made a while after pinning everything I wanted to make. That was my first step – starting to make what I was pinning.

After the craftiest Christmas ever in 2014, I couldn’t contain my need for it any longer; my need for that little pocket of imagination to explode upon the land of blog from my land of nod (yes, I dreamt I was a sewing Queen, if only my skill could catch up).

And now it’s time. On 5.1.15 (on purpose as that is a really pretty number and I missed 1.1.15…) I begin my blog.

Ready. Set. Sew.